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On March 7, 2010 by admin

As I sat on the quiet beach this morning and no one showed up for class,  I had the time to reflect on what motivates me to come to the beach early on a Sunday morning and offer a yoga class.

The practice of yoga teaches me to be soft and compassionate to my body, to make friends with it. When I inhabit my body in a friendly way, I feel centered and empowered. I become less reactive to my wandering mind which can take me on infinite no destination journeys! As a yoga teacher I like to cultivate with my students the feeling of being home in one’s body and being compassionate towards one self which little by little starts coloring all of our relationships.

Nature and Yoga

The next question for me this morning was , why yoga in nature? I have had great experiences practicing yoga indoors as well. One extraordinary aspect of practicing and teaching yoga on a beach under pine trees is the presence and immediate access to the wise teachings of the elements.

Looking at the sky I am reminded of the spaciousness inside of me, can I open to it and even rest in it for while?

The ebb and flow of the ocean teach me that energy is always shifting. It is just an illusion to see myself stuck in my present condition.

The earth under my feet reminds me that I am supported at all times and received just as I am.

The sunlight on my face connects me to the warmth of my heart and its innate kindness.

The touch of the wind whispers to me that my strength comes from going with the flow, not resisting it.

My body is made of all these elements. When I am aware of them, I become part of my environment and I can relax into it. I am home in my body and home in nature, standing in this little corner of the sky, sharing my home and its richnesses!

I look forward to meeting you there!


2 Responses to “Yogini Thoughts”

  • Beautiful! I wish I could have been on the beach with you enjoying yoga in nature as well.

  • Beautiful reflections, Celine. And if you had students there, none of it would have happened.
    As a teacher I have experienced that disappointment when no one shows to share what I have to offer. But I have never used those times as an opportunity for self awareness as gently and tenderly as you have. Bravo!

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