Inner Strength

On February 23, 2010 by admin

In my meditation practice lately it seems that a recurrent obstacle is shining its light in the form of a resolution for this New Year of the Iron Tiger:  I act from a  soft place of strentgh. I act from this inner strength that can be mentally referred to as confidence, self esteem.  When I tap into the energy of inner strength, my body feels like a nurturing and receptive platform as fluid and powerful and deep as the ocean.

An active yoga and meditation practice teaches us that this inner strength is already in us and it requires letting go  to access it.  Letting go is not the same as doing nothing or letting everyone walking over you.  It is letting go of the contracted parts of ourselves both in the mind and in the body.  We are all too familiar with the contracted parts of our body! As for the mind, its contracted parts express themselves in various kind of painful ways through anger, indifference, jealousy, grasping, resisting…

Inner strength is fueled from the inside, from  our natural softness and flexibility which is cultivated through nurturing oneself.  From my own experience, I realized that if one has a poor sense of self , this softness could mean accepting all and everything, negating oneself. It is easy for me to confuse caring for myself with being selfish or self preoccupied.  When we care tenderly for ourselves and  let go of the contractions of the mind and the body, we begin to have a choice and to act from a place of self confidence. Our inner strength becomes the wind propelling our actions.

May all your actions over this new year arise from the wise strength of the Iron Tiger!

Céline Peccatte

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  • Lovely, thank you for sharing your journey. I am curious to know more about the Iron Tiger. Off to google land I go!

  • you are so lovely and articulate with things that are so hard to put into words. i honor and admire you. thank you for sharing your insight. :O) lacey

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