Prajna Paramita and Yin Yoga

On December 11, 2009 by admin

I am very happy to be reconnecting with the Key West Tara Mandala Sangha, practicing with old friends again and making new ones.  Prajna Paramita is a practice dear to my heart-mind.  Whether staring at the Key West sky above the ocean or the Colorado skies on top of a mountain, my  physical, mental and emotional bodies have been deeply touched by this practice.  I never thought I could feel so expansive and so little at the same time, so relaxed and so tight at the same time!

On a physical level, this sky-gazing practice simultanuously opens me to blissful tingling along my spine and makes me aware of the tension in my shoulders and in my hips or knees, depending on the day!  There is a constant flux of release into spaciousness and tightening not only in my body  but also in my mind.  In Yin Yoga because we hold a pose for a few minutes, the tightness shows in the form of physical discomfort or resisting thoughts and we invite our mind to remain flexible with the discomfort in any form it arises.

And why would someone want to do that?  Uncovering our own Prajna (which means wisdom) takes a bit of a training!  It is amazing to me the multitude of ways we can explore this wisdom.  In Yin Yoga the aspect  of our wisdom that is emphazised, is the natural observance and yielding qualities of the mind.  At the same time we are energetically touching places in our body that have a tendency to  hold tension like the joints and ligaments and by nourishing them with Chi they progressively relax a bit more every time we sit for meditation.

I am very honored to be a guest teacher for the Key West Tara Mandala Sangha this Saturday the 12th of December. We will be meeting at the Nature Chapel in the Botanical Gardens at 10:00am.

Ellen Booth Church will be guiding a Prajna Paramita practice during the first hour and afterwards I will be teaching a Yin Yoga Class. If you have never practiced with the  Key West Tara Mandala Sangha and you are not familiar with this particular practice you are welcome to come at 11:00am for Yin Yoga.

For information regarding the  Sangha’s schedule and classes you can contact Ellen at

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