Why Yin Yoga?

On November 26, 2009 by admin

Why do I love to practice Yin Yoga? I think mostly because it rebalances my stronger Yang nature. I am attracted to physical work like teaching sailing or cooking and I need my body to move through the air.  So when I sit on my mat to practice Yin yoga I make the commitment to stay still, connected to my body and its inner world for a while and the more I practice it the more I want to feel that connection not just on my mat or when I meditate but at all times.

To me it has become a form of meditation with my body.  On a spiritual path our hearts rejoice to different songs that are unique to each of us. These songs are translations of the experience of the mystery, or the wisdom of the universe and each of us will be attracted to different ones. I first fell in love with the Yin Yoga version of it because the teacher who introduced it to me, Sarah Powers (during a workshop at Green Tara Yoga in Key West) incorporated so skillfully buddhist and yogic insights, the sound of her words were like the most melodious bath I had ever experienced. Yoga and buddhism, it cannot get any better for me! I invite you to check her website.

As we practice to stay still in a yogic pose for 3 to 5 minutes, although as simple as these poses in Yin Yoga can be, we are being faced with our physical, mental and emotional limitations quite quickly! Time starts moving really slowly and the intensity of the experience is increasing by the second! We are practicing absorbing the intensity in a skillful way – what an ability to develop when we live in such an intense world!

Many are the benefits of practicing Yin Yoga, on a physical level we are working with our ligaments and bones, the tissues that are rarely touched and that we need to remain elastic if we do not want to resemble a tin man as we go up in the decades. On a mental level, we practice not to be as quick to react to our body sensations and by remaining connected to our body we allow the mind to become more quiet, to feel safe to rest. On a spiritual level, Yin Yoga works on our energetic body, helping us to cultivate our yin qualities of observance and acceptance of what is.

Yes, as a friend, a yoga and buddhist practitioner, a yin yang being, I wish for you to experience the practice of Yin Yoga if it speaks to you but mostly I wish you to cultivate well being and harmony in any form that fits your body mind and spirit at this time in your life.

With love on this day of gratitude,

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  • Ah to Yin in words, reflecting a personal journey, this is beautiful Celine. What is sweeter than finding our way to balance, well being, and acceptance? Thanks for sharing your journey, and encouraging others to find their path.

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